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Departing Australia…..an introduction

Part 1 of the Journey

Ok, so here goes with what will be a many parted account of my adventures through the states and Canada. Some of these will be overly lengthy and I apologise in advance.

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…hahahahahha. Sorry could help it had to throw that in.

Sit back and relax, grab a shandy n prepare to be bored to death J

Part 1: Adelaide to Sydney to LA.

So after many months of planning, decisions, negotiations, bargaining and begging the time had come for to depart this fair nation and trade it in for that of Canada and the U.S for 6 weeks.

My Traveling companion and I gathered with family and friends and Tim at the Adelaide airport and shared one last round of hot chocolates and politely tried to avoid the topics that I couldn’t resist talking about, i.e. terrorism, bombs, and terrorists with bombs. It was my way of dealing with the nerves of flying, leaving the country for the first time since I was 15 and being away from all my friends and family. Don’t be fooled tho, there was defiant levels of excitement mixed into this cocktail. The prospect of the adventure ahead, what would happen, who would we meet, how many times would we get robbed etc. etc.

We said our farewells and boarded the first of what would in the end be nearly 12 flights in 6 weeks. Our flight to Sydney was my literal ticket to infinity….and beyond.

We checked into formula one Sydney airport when we encountered our first problem for the trip. It certainly didn’t take long, and set an almighty good tone for what was possible for the next 6 weeks.

We had booked a lot of things via a travel agent (Jan, you’re a legend) but this hotel was not one of them. So we had actually booked 1 day too late. After shelling out half the rate again we moved up to our room, and proceeded to admire our view of the car park, Krispy Kreme’s roof and MacDonald’s rear car park. At least we wouldn’t starve for the next 18 hours before out international flight.

With a couple of quick calls, it was time to meet up with a mythical creature of which id spoken to many times and consider a dear friend but never actually met. Although a complete and utter bitch, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to catch up with the one and only Nicole.
Naturally being the good hosts that we were, Nicole bought the party with her and within minutes we were kicking back and hoeing into the Alize blue like the long lost retarded brother and sister I truly think we are.  At some point Juzzy decided to take the adventurous journey into the CBD to buy a camera (which turned out to be a brave but smart decision)  and left me and the spaz to catch up.

the Bitch and I

It was a great arvo/night filled with many laughs, and I wish we could do it more. But sadly between her already impending hangover and our early flights we decided against making it a late one and bid our farewells  not without another quick trip to Maccas tho.While Juzzy and Nicole made use of the available food services, I braved the cool night n hung out with Daniel as he had come to pick up Nicole. Cool guy.  Can see why Nicole likes him.

I swear it was a matter of minutes after I put my head on the pillow that the alarm was going off.

Before I knew it, we were checking out, grabbing a cab and checking in at the Qantas flight desk.

Now I’m just going to take a moment here to elaborate on the fact that the after being asked, the lady at the Qantas desk in Sydney clearly stated to me that if I did indeed purchase another bag while overseas, showing my international return flight ticket at any internal flight check in would mean I wouldn’t be charged for the 2nd bag. This will play a major role in later updates…

After checking in and making our way actually in to the terminal, we realised quickly that although Sydney airport is indeed much bigger than Adelaide’s, when your arrive 3 hours early and breeze through customs etc. it makes for a boring place to sit when filled with so much excitement and enthusiasm.

Eventually we boarded our 747 for LA.  I settled into my isle seat with Juzzy on my right. Within seconds  I realised this wasn’t going to work properly. As I had suspected, normal seats for 7ft people doesn’t work. Ticket booking in people, take note! If someone has to duck their head under your signs  just to talk to you, chances are they aren’t going to fit in your seats too good.

With my knees planted firmly in the back of the seat in front, i made the best of it and started watching top gear episodes on the inflight entertainment to pass the 15 hours flight.

Oh so comfortable

Somewhere over the north pacific, my legs went to sleep while I was trying to sleep. To alleviate the pain I had to curl up into a ball and bury my head in the pillow on my lap.

It seemed to work until the flight attendant came through with the drinks trolley and taught me that my head was actually hanging out into the isle.

I was so tired and possibly concussed that I murmured something to her and went back to sleep. At some stage guilt must have taken over and the flight attendant came and woke me again.

She asked me to come with her and gestured towards the front. Being half awake with a bit of concussion led me to one conclusion, all those flight attendant “dreams” I’d had over the years were about to come true. Sadly this was not the case. She ushered me into premium economy seating where there was an empty seat, apologised for nearly taking my head off and wanted me to see out the flight in comfort as it was clear I was not comfortable were I was. I don’t know the price difference but I tell you now. If you’re over 6foot 6 and intend to travel on a plane longer than 4-5 hours. Pay the bit extra and go premium economy. More leg room, the seats are better , the food is better, the headphones are better but most importantly there is MORE LEG ROOM!

Somewhere over the north pacific

I don’t really remember too much after that as I was so tired, sore and happy to be in a comfy seat that I pretty much passed out.

I don’t know how long I slept but I woke to the sounds of the flight crew preparing for landing in to LA, so I gathered myself and returned to my seat next to Juzzy.

The plane landed, we found our way to the next terminal and parked our asses in front  of the gate for our flight to Vegas. Although tired….you feel the buzz in the air at the gate of everyone heading to sin city. That journey will begin in the next chapter tho…..


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