Ramblings from a bloke with his head in the clouds, literally

An introduction to being a giant

A Giants world.

Amusingly so early into a long shift, I’ve decided to divulge the randomly placed thoughts in my mind yet again. I was pondering what to write about this time. The benefits of being a meat eater in a non-crop growing post apocalyptic society? Why bull bars should be renamed to bounce bars? Is there indeed life on mars?  Sure all interesting topics but none that I really have a solid grounding in. The idea came to me in a literal flash of inspiration. Once again I smacked my head on a door way and an idea was born…….

I hit my head on everything.

The finest example of genetic growth I can find is pioneered Australia. When we as a society, convicts as they may have been, first came to Australia the average height was no more that 5’1”. The man responsible for this place, Captain James Cook was regarded as a tall fellow and stood in at a remarkable 5’3”. WTF? Australia was effectively found and settled by a bunch of bloody midgets!

For someone of my height it sounds crazy that over the last 200 odd years, people have indeed grown to and Australian average height now of 5’9” or for those of us living in the modern world, 1.74cm.

My question is this, if it is recognized that society will indeed grow taller with each generation; why is life such a pain in the ass to be so tall?

Just for a change, as someone tipping the height-o-meter at 213cm (nigh on 7ft) I feel I have some experience in this department.

To kick things off this is not a cry about being tall because lets face it there is bugger all I can do about it. I’m hoping that this little page of literature will give what few readers I have, an insight in to the life of what society has dubbed “being a giant”.

As much as love being tall there is as many downsides that people seem to forgo. Sure I get the best view at concerts and can reach the items on the top shelf without trouble, shit I can change a light bulb with rare occasion for use of a chair. But like the force, there is a light side and a dark side to being tall and sadly the dark often does indeed lead to anger fear and frustration. It is the little spoken of frustrations and difficulties that people don’t realize can sometimes make being vertically gifted a damn right miserable existence.

The pages within will contain some of my misguided theories into the world of being vertically gifted, and hopefully educate people into the workings of being….A bloke with my head in the clouds, literally.


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