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I signed up to blog, now wtf do i do?

lets face it, it was bound to happen at somestage. I have entered the world of blogs, blogging. blogeration, Bloganatomy….whatever you want to call it.

God knows what will happen here. Will it be a place for me to vent n rant n share my thoughts to the 1 maybe 2 people that somehow end up reading it? will it go the way of the dinosaur or more similarly to the way 40 dates went for Riksta? only time will tell.


Its funny because i can almost hear the the deep gutteral belly jiggling laugh from one certain person, who only days ago told me even what all this blogging shit was about. Low and behold….the assumption that i would end up doing it at somestage proved to be more correct than either of us imagined.

Im still muchly in mixed feelings about what is to become of this. Considering my level of knowledge or the fact that a gnat has more knowledge of how to do this, i dont hold high expectations. I will hopefully learn about it and try and update it. But its just another project in the many that i have on the go this year.


its nice to get some vague ramblings out. hopefully many more to come.


Im done, Im beat, stick a fork in me.


Mr Giant.


One response

  1. i am laughing. laughing indeed. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    February 5, 2011 at 00:39

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