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Will 2011 really beat 2010?

So here we are again kids. I’ve got some time to kill and thought i would ramble some more.

So last year was one of the most up and down years of my life. With many awesome highlights there were just as many low points.  The year saw me take to the skies and travel to Canada for Liam and Chelseys wedding, I toured the states and went to many places that i always wanted to, I met some fantastic new friends who in 9 days tought me that it is actually possible for me to drink like i did when i was 16 and not die, I lost some close friends, Lost some people in my life that i considered family, Lost my job and to some degree my sanity. Somehow i still managed to come out of 2010 relatively unscathed and happy to be breathing.

The trip overseas alone was probably the biggest highlight for me. I’ve always dreamt of going to the USA and im glad that i have now achieved that. I fell in love with New Orleans with its melting pot of cultures, music, and food. The amount i learnt and fell in love with there still scares myself. It was a close call between New Orleans and Banff/Fairmont. I think i was in Banff and awake for all of 10 mins and i already decided that it was going to be my second home. You couldn’t possibly go wrong there, everything smells like maple syrup.

2010 was the year that i moved in with Lia. We got our own little place in Mawson lakes and became that happy little retarded family that society tells us is the normal. I couldn’t be happier and im sure she is the same. Its a nice little place and were both very comfortable here. It’s a stark change from me living in my parents lounge room (not a high point) and Lia living in a small apartment in the noisiest part of Mawsons possible.

Last year saw the reforging (note the wow term, just for you Wookie ) of old friendships thought lost. I spent many a night around the wooden table regaining a friendship that started back in ’98. A chance encounter at Avcon saw myself and Elmo get back in contact and we have basically hung out every other day since. It’s a friendship that im very thankful for and has provided many highlights over the last year as well..

I also found a new hobby in photography. While in Canada i used juzzys camera and ended up taking a picture of a chipmunk that sparked an interest in photography. Upon returning to Oz, i got my hands on a Nikon D90 and haven’t looked back since. Much like this blog, its a case of learning on the fly. Doing a bunch of reading and taking any advise i can get to further my abilities with it. While some good shots have been taken in the last 10 months or so, i still have a lot to learn and a long way to go. But im hoping that it will all happen in due course.

So back to the original question, will 2011 really beat 2010?

Its hard to say, i certainly hope it does, but really…..last year left some pretty big shoes to fill and already this year has had its fair share of dramas. Ive gone from being gainfully un-employed to making a return to both bouncing and Adelaides finest motel (thats a story in itself), Ive returned to basketball, stopped basketball because of a busted ankle, Lia has had her tonsils out and is now in recovery, My family has become even more weird that usual, New years hangovers so bad i didnt want to drink for a month, Australia day hangovers the same…lol and thats all in the first month! Its certainly not a boring start to the year, but to beat 2010 i would like to travel again, develop my photography skills to all new highs, really get my head around the guitar, carry on enjoying life with my friends and becoming closer to them (not in that way wookie) and really making leaps and bounds in general.

One can only hope that its a better year.With so many challenges,project  and personal goals on the horizon it shouldnt be a boring year at all….

so heres hoping ay?

thats about it from me,

Im done, Im beat, stick a fork in me.

Mr Giant.

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  1. wtf am I singled out in this thing for all the time. You giant git.

    February 8, 2011 at 02:56

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