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30 Random facts about Me and World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft Logo30 Warcraft Facts about me you didn’t know.

Someone sent me a 30 day challenge for world of Warcraft. I highly doubt I would be able to keep it up over 30 days so I’m going to cheat and put it into one epic post as best I can.

So here goes:

Your first character? 

My first character was Doggerus, a human rogue. I had never played this type of game at that time and really had no idea what the hell I was doing let alone about picking classes or races and the likes.


The biggest jerk you’ve dealt with (in game)? 
Not so much the single biggest, but the type of jerk….you know the one. Everyone knows the type. They are the type that used to pull the boss to wipe the raid after they had left group. The kind of player that sneaks in and ninjas your loot or kill before you have a chance to know what was happening. The kind of player that joins your guild, asks for help in a quest/gold/raid/achieve etc. and once getting it clears out the guild bank and abandons the guild.
Yeah, you know the type.


A class you’re awful at playing? 
Pretty much anything that isn’t my shammy. I can play them all, just not play them all well.


Your favourite zone (Classic, BC, WotLK & Cata)? 

Hard one as I have so many favourites.
Classic would be Elwynn. I just love Stormwind and the whole human starting zone. Stormwind really is an epic city

BC that’s easy…Nagrand. How can you not love it?
Wrath is a 2 way tie between Ice crown and storm peaks.
Cata I would have to say Uldam

And adding in for Pandas I would have to go with the valley.


Your favourite classic instance? 

Dead mines for sure. I had some epic moments in there back in the day.


Your favourite quest line?
After watching the anniversary special where Chris Metzen and the team explained the story behind the “A Tale of Valour” in Ice Crown, two days later I quested another toon through there. It took on a whole new meaning and changed my outlook on the game for ever. I still make sure that I take all my toons through that quest line.


Your favourite piece of lore? 

Pretty much anything to do with the Lich king story line. Just that simple.


PVE all the way.
Pvp annoys me and frustrates me to death and Rp I have never dabbled in even though I find it amazingly interesting.


Horde or Alliance (and why)? 

Alliance. Just cause. I dunno…..I think both factions have their merits and weaknesses.


Your favourite mount.

My x-53 touring rocket. Dunno why, I use it all the time tho. Considering how many mounts I have this is kind of weird…


Your favourite gear set. 

Tier 10 Frost witch on my shammy. First full set of armour I earn the hard way from my favourite story and favourite raid. Still wear it now thanks to transmogs


Your achievements (choose one character and link it). 


Your favourite Burning Crusade instance? 

I think it would have to be ramps. Spent so much time in there and never really got bored of it.


When did you start playing? 

About 6 months after the initial release of the game give or take.


Your favourite Wrath instance? 
Any of the ones that involved direct contact with Arthas. To me it helped the story line keep going and flowing and kept you in touch with the big bad ass of the expansion. Basically it just provoked more need to kick his ass as well.


What do you listen to while playing? 
I tend to watch a lot of movies or TV shows on the second monitor, especially while I farm. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of twitch feeds and making some amazing new friends though


Your favourite WoW related YouTube video? 

Leeroy Jenkins for sure.
That shit still cracks me up and I quite often Leeroy both in game and in real life.


Best and Worst thing about WoW? 
Best thing: the people that I have met and the friends I have made. Some who although I don’t see that often (either in game or in person) I still consider to be some of my closest and dearest friends. Hell, 3 of my best buds that I met in wow flew into town to attend my wedding.

the stigma that the game has. Like, when people find out you’re a WoW player they automatically hang shit on you, presume you’re a dungeon dwelling ubernerd and have no life. I hate that.


Favourite class and why?

My Shammy because it’s my main and I know how to play it. Lol

seriously though, I just dig the shamanistic class story and background.


How did you come up with your main’s name? 

On the character creation screen my Dreanei looked like he was huge and he was a bloke.
I am huge and I’m a bloke in real life too so it’s kind of made sense to me….Hugebloke


Your favourite battleground? 
Old school Alterac Valley. I’m talking the kind where you could log in and join an AV battle that had been going for 2 days already. You could play for 8 hours, go to sleep, get up go to work come home log into wow and re-join the same battle. And it would go on like that for like 8-9 days straight. That and I miss summoning the ancients too 😛


Your non-combat pets (choose one character and link it). 

Argent Squire. He so multi skilled and so cute with his little mini mount n stuff.

Argent Squire

The longest you’ve gone without playing? 

A few months during cata mainly cause I really didn’t enjoy cata at all.


Your favourite screenshot. 

 The sheer chaos and excitement on launch night. This time round it was pandas…..Opening night of Pandaria

Who do you play with? 

I do tend to fly solo for day to day stuff. If I’m not raiding current though I do enjoy hanging out and running 2 man versions of 10 man heroic raids with Wookiedin, the paladin owned by none other than Wookie of  http://www.worldofwookie.com fame


List your characters and their levels.

Hugebloke, Littlechicky, Briannabank, Ronjeremee, Zapstical, Kungfoopanda and Squidlipz are all level 90.
Then I have a splattering of different level characters that may one day get to 90 or maybe even 100 by then.


Your titles (choose one character). 
Bloodsail admiral Hugebloke is what I rock the most. It was a pig of an achieve to get and not many people are stupid enough to do it.


Your favourite and least-favourite boss? 
Arthas and Arthas.
He was a pig of thing to beat at the time, week after week of nothing but expensive repair bills but then that rare felt moment of pure elation and joy when he finally died for the first time…..never had that feeling since.


Something you worked really hard to get. 

What a long strange journey it’s been achievement was the first major achieve I ever got. I had a few smaller type ones but that was one that I decided I was going to get and set about doing the hard yards to get it. Doing all the reading and figuring out exactly what I needed to do and then actually doing it.
Took me exactly a year but god it felt good when I got it.


Your main (Armoury link & screenshot)?


Well that wraps that up.
I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me and my passion of Warcraft. If your utterly confused by all this and none of it makes any sense…I can send you a free trial of the game if you like! hahahahahha

If you are a fan of the game though, have a crack at doing the 30 Day WoW challenge. I would love to see some of the answers other people put to it!

Go on, you know you want to!

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